Before purchasing an Aurami or Lumare, be sure to read through the Terms of Service.

how to obtain ?

All adoptables are posted to my social media, though auctions will only take place in the DeviantART comments. If you don't use DeviantART you are welcome to message me bids elsewhere.

can i make my own ?

No, Aurami and Lumares are closed species and make-your-own's aren't going to be added. Customs will be available in the future by fawnbun, as well as special events where you can win/earn an Aurami or Lumare without needing to pay. To keep updated about these, feel free to subscribe to the site for future events.

discord server ?

Currently we don't have a discord server as I struggle with the amount of attention it needs, though it is possible we will have one in the future! 

guest designers ?

Currently there is no plans for guest designers as I wanted to keep this project more personal, though I would be open to an event with others later in the future.

rarity system + traits ?

Aurami and Lumares do not have a rarity system, they are all equals and their worth is not divided by set traits. Their design's complexity and time spent on the artwork is what decides their worth, rather than following a chart. They do however have common traits, explained here and here.

 change design ?

You are welcome to change the design of your Aurami or Lumare with alternate outfits, hairstyles, skin color etc. though you may not remove the common traits  ( halo, wings & incarnation decorations. )

convert species ?

Species conversions are currently not allowed. You are welcome to make personal alternate versions of your Aurami or Lumare ( human, anthro etc. ) but they may not be converted into a different species officially.

other questions ?

If you have any questions not answered here, be sure to read through the terms of service. If anything is still unanswered, feel free to message me on any of my social media!

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