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"Aurami are a species of free will, each having her own purpose. They are well known for healing any lost, friendly humans or other injured creatures they come across and tend to be very peaceful."

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What Are Aurami?

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Aurami are a closed species that live in the mythical world of Averia. They are peaceful, angelic beings who are well know for healing other creatures and humans. They live in Sanctuaries built upon floating islands high in the sky, and love exploring the world. Aurami venture out frequently, collecting naturally forming crystals to fuel their Magic, and making friends with the other kind creatures in their world.

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Aurami live in exclusive communities known as Sanctuaries, floating pieces of land that houses their settlements along with a central grand Cathedral. These settlements consist of shrines, libraries, gardens, waterfalls and houses. Cathedrals are massive, sacred temples that house all of the most important items within the Sanctuary. Higher ranked Aurami live and work within the Cathedrals as well, taking care of many important tasks. To keep these sanctuaries safe from human hunters, a nearly invisible sphere shaped energy field surrounds the entire Sanctuary.



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Magic used by Aurami is charged by naturally occurring crystals in Averia, which are of extremely high value due to their powers. When the crystals are worn as pendants ( Healing Charms ) by Aurami, it gives them the ability to heal rapidly from injuries. These crystals are also mainly used by Aurami in their Crystal Wands, allowing them to perform their magic. This magic includes healing others, casting blessings/curses and creating defensive/attack spells used in battle.

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