Custom Aurami

$300 - 450 *

Possible increase depending on details.

Closed Species, more info to be added soon. ]


• Atmospheric Background + Backgroundless Ver.

• Optional short magical origin story for inspiration!

• Full-body base shows off small details easily.

• Canvas size 1300 x 1650px

Painted lines with double lineart for a crisp, glossy appearance. Plenty of small details are added by hand (no copy pasted details) + each Aurami comes with her own unique wand.

V2 BG WM.png

✦  OPTION 1 -  $300

A surprise Aurami! You are welcome to select a few colors or general theme you would like. Minor color/detail changes are allowed after completion!

✦  OPTION 2 - $375 - *450

Most customs will be $375. $450 is the max price only for when asking a large amount of details - Price quote available.

[ EX. Set of 4 wings, complex wand design, very detailed outfit design, lots of hand drawn patterns, separate wand reference etc. ]

A fully customized Aurami just for you! You are welcome to send reference images and colors, request as many changes as you see fit + back-and-fourth communication with work in progress shots to ensure you love every detail of your Aurami.

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