what are Lumare ?

Living tucked away in the quiescent lands of Averia is a species of creatures known as Lumare. They are peaceful beings that reside in the beautiful remains of an angelic civilization. One of their main beliefs is to live at one with nature, and never take more than what is needed.

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Each Lumare is an incarnation of a mythical creature in Averia including flowers, plants, animals, insects and other sentient beings. This Incarnation occurs when a creature has completed an act of true kindness, showing love and compassion for another. After the next Fairy Moon, their spirit will be rewarded for its kindness by transforming into a young Lumare.


Averia has a very unique component in its gravitational fields, allowing masses of land to grow in the sky. Mysterious unending water sources can be found on these islands as well, creating infinite waterfalls that cascade down through the sky. Aurami tend to inhabit these land masses and build their Sanctuaries on them to keep safe from human hunters.

Averia is a massive planet, rivaling the size of our planet Jupiter, and thus, the species has still not adventured to all corners of it yet, even after inhabiting it for over 500 thousand documented years. The term Averia is used as a name to both the mass of land that houses all Sanctuaries, as well as the planet itself.


kindness is always rewarded

When the spirit of a creature residing in Averia completes a deed of pure kindness for another, their soul is rewarded. This act of kindness can be big or small, as some Lumare are incarnations of mythical plants and flowers. When their deed is complete, they are to be rewarded the night of the following Fairy Moon. Their spirit will transform along with their physical body into that of a young Lumare, allowing them to spread more kindness throughout the world.


Fairy Moon

glistening lavender moon

Every few months, Averia's largest moon Liette will phase through a solar cloud. These clouds are made of a glimmering lavender dust, believed to be that of Fairies. Liette will radiate a lavender hue, and bring about the Lumare incarnations.


Lumare love to throw flower festivals on the night of a Fairy Moon, to celebrate the good deeds of those around them and welcome all new Lumare.

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similarities of Lumare

Lumare share two common traits. The most notable is their incarnation, appearing as decorations on their bodies and outfits. These can be markings on the skin, accessories, patterns on clothing and even the original form itself ( flowers, creatures etc. )


The second is their luminescent halos. These halos are a soft projection of light around the silhouette of the head, ranging in many different colors.


planet of healing

Lumare are not the only ones who live on the massive planet of Averia, though they are one of the very few humanoid groups. There are an uncountable amount of creatures living around their world, with a huge range of both flora and fauna.

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Though Averia is so large, there are very few Lumare occupying it. There seems to be a mysterious link between Lumare and an angelic species who visit but never stay for long. Lumare do not know much of Averia as they haven't yet traveled far from their sanctum, building their home over the mysterious ruins of what appears to be a lost civilization. Incredible white marble statues and fountains remain, surrounding a grand Cathedral that has long since began housing a plethora of free-growing ivy.


closed species

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